Artificial Insemination – IUI

This is the method where sperm is delivered to the uterus rather than by sexual intercourse. Sperm can be injected directly to the cervix without washing, or it can be washed to separate the motile sperm and placed in the uterus. The semen consists mostly of prostatatic secretions and only 10% of ejaculate are sperm cells. Sperm washing separates the cells from the semen which contain elements such as prostaglandins that can cause severe uterine contractions. Intrauterine insemination is preferred for sub fertile males but research contends IUI is ineffective by itself and must be used in addition to ovulation induction where at least 3-4 eggs develop. Intrauterine insemination is most commonly used when infertility is attributed to a factor in the male, unexplained, or cervical problems interfering with pregnancy.