Choosing an IVF Clinic

There is an abundance of clinics to choose from but not all of them offer quality at international standards. IVF and infertility treatment requires close follow up and can be stressful. You will need a clinic that has a warm atmosphere and can comprehensive medical services. When choosing an IVF clinic, please watch for these

  • Do the clinicians answer your questions and address your personal concerns
  • Does the staff satisfy your personal needs? Are you able to see your doctor close to the appointment time without much delay?
  • Is your clinician able to set aside sufficient time for you or does he/she seem pressed for time and extremely busy?
  • Do they practice all of the techniques in Artificial Reproductive Technology?
  • Do you believe that the doctors keep up with advancements in their field?
  • What is the pregnancy rate in general and for people in similar situations as yours? Did they explain this to you in detail?

In our clinic techniques in Artificial Reproductive Technology are practiced successfully. These are:

  • Ovarian stimulation
  • Classic IVF
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Microinjection – ICSI (IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • ICSI with sperm obtained from testicular tissue samples
  • ICSI with Spermatid (immature form of spermatozoa used when mature sperm is not found)
  • Embryo and egg freezing
  • Embryo biopsy and genetic analysis – PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis)
  • Single gene mutation and HLA typing in embryos
  • Aneuploidy tests, sex chromosome analysis (FISH, PCR)
  • Extended culture of embryos and blastocyst transfer
  • Tearing of the zona pellucida (Assisted hatching)
  • Reduction of embryos when a multiple pregnancy of triplets or more occur
  • In addition to ART, a variety of procedures are done to ascertain the cause of infertility and, if possible provide, many kinds of surgical treatments (such as use of Laser or electrocauter to open blocked tubes or treatment of endometriosis) can be performed laparoscopically.

This document is to help familiarize you with the procedures associated with ART. Please read carefully and do not hesitate to ask questions.