Drugs Used For Infertility Treatment

In infertility treatment, there are some drugs that are used and it’s useful for you to learn how to prepare the drugs yourself. We will be giving you a table explaining how much of each drug you’ll be using. This is a video of how the prepare the drugs for injection.

There are three types of drugs an example of each is Lucrin, Fostimon and Merional. When you first open the cap and each subsequent time the cap is opened, you should wipe with an alcohol wipe. Take the syringe that we give to you and pull the piston until the line marking 10, take the cap off and insert the needle inside the vial. Push the air inside and pull the piston back until the line marking 10 and pull the needle out, put the cap back on and the syringe of Lucrin is ready for injection.

The next drug I’ll be showing is Fostimon. Each box comes with an ampule of water and a vial of powder. Take the syring we provide for you and break open the vial of water at the red dot and insert the needle into the ampule and aspirate the water. Inject the water into the vial with the powder. Once the powder is dissolved in the water, aspirate the solution back out. Now we move on to the next box, Merional. Again the box contains one ampule of water and vial of powder. We won’t be using the ampule of water this time. We will insert the same needle inside the vial and push the water inside and wait for the powder to dissolve in the water. To help the powder to dissolve, you can turn the vial with the needle still inside. Then aspirate the water and take the needle off. The injection will not be done with this needle. Take the needle off and put on a smaller needle, that has been provided and the syringe is ready for injection.

The injections will be performed subcutaneously. You can use your forearm or your upper arm and insert the needle. But it’s difficult to self inject on the arm, its recommended that you perform the injection on your abdomen. There always a spot on the abdomen for an easy injection. Wipe the area with an alcohol wipe, take the cap off the syringe, pinch and pull the skin up on the abdomen, hold the syringe steady. Insert the needle in, pull the piston back a little and then inject the drug. If there’s bleeding then wipe the area with alcohol and press down on the spot.

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