IVF Cost in Istanbul TURKEY

IVF treatment and some of the side processes cost on the list. Our clinic uses the latest technology at affordable prices. Please check our IVF Cost list.

Name of ProcedureDetailFee
IVF (ICSI) CostOvulation induction drugs fee is not included
ICSI / IVF including embryo transfer
€ 1950
IVF – Assisted Hatching (Laser) € 200
IVF – Frozen Embryo Transfer (per cycle)If the embryos are not transferrable, no charge is applied€ 750
Egg freezing (including egg collection and freezing) 1-3 straws € 1700
Egg freezing (more than 3 straws) per extra straw € 75
IVF – Sperm Freezing (1-3 straws) € 250
IVF – Sperm freezing (after 3 straws) per straw additional € 65
IVF – TESE surgical sperm retrieval € 700
IVF – MicroTESE surgical sperm retrieval € 1100
IVF – Ovulation induction – Scans etc € 225
IVF – Transvaginal oocyte retrieval € 725
IVF – ICSI and Embryo Culture (Extended Culture included) € 800
IVF – Embryo transfer (No anesthesia) € 200
IVF – Embryo freezing (1-3 straws)Embryo storage for the first year is included€ 695
IVF – Embryo freezing (after 3 straws) per straw additional € 50
IVF – Embryo storage fee (upto 4 straws – per year)After the first year. Payable every year€ 295
IVF – Embryo refreezing (After thawing) € 245
IVF – PGD The procedure itself (up to 6 embryo) € 900
IVF – PGD additional cost per Embryo (After 6 embryos) € 60
IVF – PGD for single gene disorder (Genetics is included) € 2750
IVF – PGD + NGS Screening for aneuploidy (Per embryo) € 275
IMSI (Sperm Selection)As addition to the ICSI price€ 250
IVF / ICSI 4 Cycle Package CostWe offer a 4-cycle IVF package for the price of two to eligible couples. We decide if patients are eligible for this package at the end of the first IVF trial, mainly on the day of embryo transfer. The patients should have a reasonable pregnancy chance to be eligible for the package. Please click here to have more information.€ 3900
IVF / ICSI 4Cycle Package %100 Refund Plan CostWhen the patient has a healthy pregnancy at the 12th week in any cycle, no reimbursement for the remaining cycles. Special eligibility conditions apply, such as age, sperm etc. Drug prices are not included.€ 5750

This table is only for information. Please contact with our clinic to learn specific prices for you. Minor price changes may occur.

* After the first consultation, our clinic holds the right to decline this option.