IVF Patient Stories:

Although many miracles happen in every IVF clinic, we like to list a few unusual success stories to help infertile patients who may think that they will never get pregnant. Please keep trying.

Patient 1:
Our patient was 37 years old and married for ten years. Her husband’s sperm count slightly below normal. During the past five years they have tried a total of 7 IVF attempts. Healthy embrios occured every time but there was no pregnancy. Now accepted the situation, the patient admitted to our clinic with the encouragement of one of her friends. In her first IVF trial in our clinic, she become pregnant to triplets after a total of 3 embryos transferred. At week 11, one of the fetuses was terminated, a process called fetocide. However, early labor started at 22th week. Unfortunately, all pregnancies were lost. The patient tried IVF again after 6 months. This time, two embryos were transferred and no pregnancy. In her third trial in our clinic, again three embryos were given and triplet pregnancy occurred. As in her first pregnancy, a fetal reduction process was applied, but this time a special sewing was put arount the cervical area at 16th week to treat her cervical insufficiency. She carried the pregnancy succesfully untill the 36. week and she had healthy twin babies.

Patient 2:
38 year old woman living in Germany E.K. married for 15 years and never been pregnant. There is no significant cause of infertility. She tried in vitro fertilization 5 times in Germany. However, pregnancy did not occur. Moreover, the number of eggs obtained from patient gradually decreased, and the last experiment, only two eggs could be derived. The examination revealed that ovarian reserve was decreased and she has very little chance for pregnancy. Three eggs were obtained by stimulation of the ovaries. All fertilized, and was transferred to the patient. The patient reported back from Germany that pregnancy test was positive. The ultrasound was surprisingly showed a triplet pregnancy. At the tenth week of pregnancy, fetal reduction was done. She successfully completed the pregnancy. More suprisingly, she got pregnant spontaneously 2 years after the delivery when she started to have irregular cycles and suspected to have been becoming menopausal. Currently she has a crowded, happy family with three children.

Patient 3:
Patient due to a genetic condition (Mosaic Turner Syndrome) can not produce enough eggs. In addition to the problem of the woman, husband has problems with a subnormal number and bad morphology of the sperm. She tried IVF a few times and each time she produced 1-3 oocytes. No pregnancy. In the meantime, she became menopausal. After two years of menopause, she decided to use donated oocytes. At the time being, oocyte donation programs were not permitted in Turkey, she went abroad and tried IVF twice unsuccessfully. She was planning a third trial. However, she become pregnant spontaneously without having any sign of ovulation and menstruation. She realized that she was pregnant after her morning sickness started. This miracle continued a healthy pregnancy and a healthy girl.

Patient 4:
Ms. S.K. 42 years old, a teacher and married for 20 years. The patient’s ovaries are very small and only one egg was retrieved after ovulation induction. This first trial was not successfull and we decided to continue IVF without any drugs. We monitored the patient in her natural cycles and were able to retrieve one oocyte every month. In her fourth successive month, she became pregnant. She gave birth to a healthy baby by cesarean section.