Why IVF in Jinepol

Why IVF in Jinepol, Why patients prefer Jinepol?

  • 1 Our clinic is established by Dr.Selim Senoz who has experience in IVF for over 20 years. We are a moderate sized clinic, where you can find great comfort and a warm doctor-patient relationship.
  • 2 Our clinic, like many other clinics in Istanbul, use the latest technology with affordable prices. Please check our price list.
  • 3 We care about our patients. We offer patients different programs where they can try many cycles if necessary. We believe that the success of a particular clinic is not “the pregnancy rate per treatment cycle”. The true success rate is getting pregnant with the help of our staff even after a few trials if necessary. We offer patients great support and package programs to help them through as many cycles as it takes to get pregnant. We offer poor responder patients who have obviously low pregnancy chance, 3-5 cycles with affordable prices. They need frequent IVF trials since their chances will be even lower in time. Therefore if they choose to continue with oocyte donation programs, they can still afford it after our convenient package programs.
  • 4 We offer help during their stay in Istanbul with respect to accomodation, leisure and even holiday planning. A lot of patients like to go and visit other touristic areas in Istanbul or nearby cities. We can arrange ovulation induction follow-ups (blood tests, ultrasonography) in the cities you like to visit and you can come back to Istanbul for ooycte pickup etc.
  • 5 We offer our patients two options for IVF follow-up:
    First option is to be in Istanbul at the beginning of menstrual cycle. The whole treatment takes about 15 days.
    The second option is to spend as much time as possible in your home. As many of you already know that the ovulation induction part of an IVF treatment cycle takes the longest time. This time can be spent in your home town if your local doctor is willing to do ultrasonography and communicate with us. Especially after an initial consultation (we strongly recommend this to our patients), we can tune the induction regimen remotely. Therefore, you will be in Istanbul for only 2-5 days depending on the number of oocytes, the embryo culture period, the tests on embryos if needed (PGD, genetic tests etc).